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How Seasonal Acupuncture Can Help You in the Summer?

Summer seasonal acupuncture Hongping Ren BellevueSummer is almost here! The days are long and the weather gets hot. With all the season changes going on around us, our bodies are naturally bound to react. Whenever there is a seasonal change, the energetic in the atmosphere shift and the Qi in our body shifts as well. You’ve probably heard about heat-related disorders and seasonal affective disorder related to the summer season. Heat-related illness encompasses a spectrum of conditions that range from minor illnesses to life-threatening medical emergencies. Specific symptoms of summer disorder include but not limited to depression, loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, weight loss, anxiety, stroke, fatigue, nausea, headaches, muscle aches and cramps, and etc. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine each season is connected with particular organs or meridians of the human body. The start of the season is a traditionally recognized time to have acupuncture.

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