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Our Patient's Testimonials

The best research that can be seen is in satisfied and healed patients. The following are just a few of our patient's testimonials about their acupuncture experiences at our clinic.

"I have had great results and relief from pain since starting acupuncture treatments at Authentic Chinese Acupuncture clinic. Conventional physicians and physical therapists said the only option left for me was drug therapy. With Dr. Ren's acupuncture treatments, I do not require pain medication, not even an occasional Tylenol. Acupuncture has dramatically helped me. I highly recommend Dr. Ren. She is an authentic kind healer. Thank you!" ~ Joseph, Y.

“I feel much better. My body is much more relaxed and less stiff, so I am no longer in pain. I feel terrific. Dr. Ren is awesome and I enthusiastically recommend her. She is gifted in knowing exactly which acupuncture points are in need of treatment.” ~ Jimmy M.

"Your are great and had made a wonderful difference in my multiple problems. Thank you!" ~ Carol D.

"Dr. Ren provided me excellent service. She was very friendly and informative when helping with my injured knee. After one treatment I immediately felt and saw a significant difference in the swelling of my injury. I will definitely be going here again when I'm in need." ~ Frank F.

"I found Dr. Ren at and am so grateful. Dr. Ren has "fixed" pretty much every ailment with which I have sought her help: anxiety, digestive issues, fatigue & low energy, colds and flu symptoms, allergies, and musculoskeletal issues resulting from a car accident and other injuries--mostly relating to my back and neck. She is incredibly skilled, knowledgeable, intuitive, and compassionate. I have referred many friends and colleagues to Dr. Ren." ~ Karen Y.

"I had two reasons to give a try to acupuncture - my back pain and my two IUI without success. The back pain went away very quickly. As for infertility treatment, it wasn't the easiest case. And I needed more time. After IVF+acupuncture I am pregnant.
Doctor Ren is really good, she always answered all my questions. I recommended her to my friends. The service is really good." ~ Tatiana P.

"I have to thank you again for your services, the peace + preparation you gave me, & your contribution to these precious girls Alec + I are about to receive. Out best!" ~ Amanda C.  

"I have worked with Dr. Ren for something like 4 years. I am generally fit and healthy with her seasonal wellness treatments.  I visited her 4 - 5 times a year, one time in each season. My body is getting better and healthier than before." ~ Andrew L.

"Hello Dr. Ren, Boys are here! My 2 boys arrived a wk ago, we are all well. Would like to send some pics to you:). Please do let me know if I could be a reference for you as a good/successful patient:) I am happy to talk to your potential patients and provide testimony. You do such good work, genuinely care about your patients, make a different in people's lives, it has meant a lot to me... Best" ~ Rae W.

"Dear Dr. Ren, I just wanted to say thank you for your help and support through my infertility treatment. Chay and I are now proud parents of our baby girl Emma. She is now almost 3 months. I'm enjoying each moments with her. We hope you can meet her soon. Again, thank you! Sincerely" ~ Jakie N.

"When my husband and I tried to start a family, Dr. Ren was everything I was looking for. She is caring. She really listened well to my concerns, and provided customized advice for my issues. She followed up, made sure what she did created results for me. She is highly skilled. I went through 3 Chinese acupuncture doctors by the time I found her. After I went through the 1st treatment with her, I knew she was the one. She has a lot of knowledge and practice. She was highly trained in China, has broad understanding of both Chinese and western medicine, and know they compliment each other. She is fun to work with. She made complicated concepts easy to comprehend. She was a friendly doctor who wants to help you. My treatment were very enjoyable. After going through about 10 cycles, I was pregnant with twins. Sincerely:" ~ Raina P.

"Hongping Ren of Authentic Chinese Acupuncture is the acupuncturist for my family including my 8 and 12 years old sons. She is caring and concerned with the entire person and all phases of your health. My health is improving some issues I had lived with for years are completely gone. I feel heard and treated with respect and compassion. She has helped my sons allergic problems. I recommend her to all my friends. ~ John W.

"I went to see Dr. Ren for my facial nerve related problem. I was diagnosed to have a mild Bell's Palsy on my right side face, and my Primary Care doctor told me it will take a few week to recover. I learned that acupuncture is the best choice to heal Bell's Palsy quickly and safely. So my friend recommended me to see Dr. Ren, who he gave a very high recommendation. I feel all major symptoms were gone only after 3 visits and now I am still seeing Dr. Ren to make sure the nerve problem got solid fixed. One more thing I like is the professional, clean and neat clinic. I can totally relax myself and enjoy the therapy in the treatment room. Hence, I highly recommend Dr. Ren as an acupuncturist!" ~ Xiao C.

"I usually don't write Yelp reviews because I have my own blog. But Dr. Ren has helped me so much for my general health that I feel I should help spread the word. I made my initial visit after my neurologist recommended acupuncture for my behind-the-ear nerve pain (not inside the ear, but on the head) and stress relief. Dr. Ren is one of the providers closest to where I live. I had little prior acupuncture experience, even though I am Chinese, and I didn't know what to expect. I filled out a very detailed questionnaire and Dr. Ren went into action addressing them right away, explaining to me how all these "points" on your body are connected to internal organs. I particularly appreciate that she was upfront about the incremental process it takes for it to work. I don't like needles in general (who does?) but there's virtually no discomfort when the needles (they are extremely thin) are inserted or pulled out. There's an initial "build-up" period (for me, it's about 4 weeks with 1 visit per week). After which I started to feel improvements to my nerve pain and better relaxation to my body. In fact, after my every visit now, I feel extremely refreshed. I will continue to make regular visits in the near future. I have been recommending Dr. Ren to my friends. Even if you are afraid of needles (trust me, it's not scary at all), the pain relief and improvement to your general health is so worth it!" ~ Gavin W.

"Dr. Ren is a great acupuncturist! I have been coming here for more than 5+ years now from a referral. I definitely would refer her to anyone. She made me comfortable for my first visit because I was skeptical of needles. After that, it was just very easy going. I go to her for my allergies, headaches, back pain, etc..." ~ Kimmie W.

"I've been coming here for about 5 years now. Dr. Ren is superb. I ALWAYS feel good after I come out from there. She gives me a diagnosis, asks me a few questions, and I tell her what my symptoms are. After the acupuncture, I feel like a newly recharged person. She also takes the time to care for you." ~ Gary W.

"I was looking for an acupuncturist and happened to find Authentic Chinese Acupuncture. Dr. Ren is the real thing. I had been in a car accident and my back was in bad shape and hurt really bad, it did not take long for her to get rid of the pain. I had my son come as well and his pain is gone. She is very through, she checks your tongue, pulse, blood pressure, and talks with you to find out what is bothering you and begins. My back pain is gone and now I come for well being, it is the best hour of the day when I come, just as good as a day at the spa. I often go to sleep. She also does treatments for seasonal prevention which I also utilize as well. She is awesome, you won't be sorry. I recommend her all of the time to friends and family." ~ Carmon V.

"I went to see Dr. Ren for pain treatment as I have had very frequent and painful muscle spasms in my shoulders, neck and upper back area for several years. Conventional massages, physical therapy and chiropractor visits only provided relief for a few days at a time. After seeing Dr. Ren, my pain diminished with every visit and finally went away completely! She used acupuncture and cupping and always made me feel comfortable and answered any questions I had. I feel I am in very good hands every time I see her and she adjusts her treatment depending on the intensity of pain and specific areas. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ren!" ~ Gabriele P.

"I was very fortunate to find Dr. Hongping Ren as a highly qualified authentic Acupuncturist. I have taken treatment from her for about 3 years now. It took me quite a bit of time to find someone. My research lead to many in the area. Dr.Ren graduated from the University of Chinese Traditional Medicine in China. None had the qualifications Dr. Ren had gained during the training under the well know professionals in China after graduation. I had my first visit to the clinic in Bellevue for treatment. It was a very clean and comfortable place . The clinic has some of the latest electronic acupuncture units. The visit was to get an evaluation for an aliment that was troubling me for 3-4 years. I had tried peripheral neuropathy, neurologists and other western professions without any results. I was delighted and surprised the next day to see 85% disappeared. Since then I have regularly visited for all my medical requirements. Dr.Ren is a very dedicated, conscientious professional of the highest order. The care provided is very intense . During my visits I have got to learn how self treatment can be performed to benefit my health. I have no hesitation to highly recommend Dr. Ren for any medical treatments or for that matter general wellness." ~ Lakshman K. Ph.D.

"I was treated for carpal tunnel syndrome which gave me great pain that I had trouble sleeping at night; after several treatments, the pain in my hands disappeared and they functioned properly again. Dr. Ren is knowledgeable and attentive, she listened to her patient and treated the symptoms accordingly. I highly recommend Authentic Chinese Acupuncture." ~ Lennie C.

"I want to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Hongping Ren for taking such a great care of me and my boyfriend following our car accident 9-22-16, with acupuncture treatments. I was in a very bad shape, constant pain, unable to focus, irritable, sleep deprived, and in extreme fright. Dr Ren treated me with so much care and diligent. She calmed me down and I started to have better sleep, mood, concentration. Very knowledgeable and skilled in her field. She is not just a physician but a healer who shows how much she cares about her patients. She knows exactly which areas of my body that needed extra care. Dr. Ren also gave me advise on how to take care of my body when I'm not visiting her. I religiously followed her advice which speed up my healing so much faster, better than pain killers or muscle relaxers. During treatments she provided warm blankets and calming music. My boyfriend who never had an acupuncture before came to enjoy it. I highly recommend her to anyone who are desperately seeking a reliable, caring and authentic Chinese acupuncture physician." ~ Rebecca L

★★★★★ 4/27/2017
"Dr. Ren is truly knowledgeable and skilled. She is able to help me with whatever my weekly pain/soreness is (neck, shoulders, back, calves). And my routine treatments (including cupping) have also helped me with reducing stress, preventing sickness, and recovering from my workouts." ~ Will C

★★★★★ 6/15/2017                                                                                                                   "Dr.Ren is a truly a professional. She relieved my nerve pain on my face within just a few sessions and I can see the results within a few days. Through my health insurance referrals, I called a couple other places first in Bellevue, but they all require initial consultation fee of $200 or $150, which I think is ridiculous. Dr. Ren offered free consultation and was able to treat me right away, which was what I was looking for. That tells you right there how confident she is in acupuncture. Dr.Ren's treatment method is effective and she takes her time in making sure you get the fullest benefits of Chinese medicine. Her facility is also very clean and just everything is top notch place. Thank you Dr. Ren!" ~Jack H

"If you are reading this, you should schedule an appointment with Dr. Ren immediately. She gave me my life back after years or disabling chronic pain. I recommend going to her for literally anything. For example, she can near-instantly cure colds (by removing barriers to your own body effectively fighting off the viruses)."

"Two notes:
1. Some acupuncturists might aim for patients "feeling nothing" because Americans are unfamiliar with the treatment and afraid of needles. However, the best results come from having some treatment sensations. Dr. Ren is masterful at identifying the exact state of dysfunctional tissue with her needles and administering healing stimulation. Don't be turned off by these sensations; they are exactly what you want.
2. In my case, I had serious co-morbidities that created destructive feedback loops. As a result, my nerves and nervous system were so sensitized that it took weeks of conservatively treating my chronic pain indirectly before I could handle direct needle work. So, if you have similar serious problems and a Dr. Ren treatment ever seems like too much, just go back and tell her what you experienced and she'll dial treatment back a few degrees of conservatism until you are ready for more." ~Emil K

★★★★★ 1/1/2018                                                                                                           "Thank you for the recent Saturday appointment and confirming the Medicare B coverage. Thanks to you, unlike last year, my annual New Year’s runs were uneventful with almost no discomfort. Although I walked on Sunday, I ran all 5K today for the first non-stop running in more than a year since my stomach problems started in November 2016. Further, contrary to the prior acupuncturist who summarily sent me on my way with dried blood on my nose and an errant needle in my stomach, I am very grateful that you seem to have pinpointed the necessary treatment points right away. Further, unlike anyone else, you relieved a lot of trepidation from the get-go about seeming so vulnerable in acupuncture by explaining what you were doing, especially about some of the oddly-placed needles I’ve wondered about that didn’t seem to have anything to do with my aches and pains plus checking in once-in-a-while instead of leaving a patient on his own full of needles wondering what's going on for almost an hour. In addition, your attention for cleanliness eliminated any worry about the dried blood, left-over needles, etc. I felt like a new-born babe floating on a feather into the clouds. The surgical doctors indicated I’d be living with the swelling and sometimes temporary soreness like I feel today from all the weekend running but I now know it won’t be stopping me from doing the outdoor sports and physical activities I enjoyed all my life before all this started. Thank you again." ~John G

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